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How to play Crazy Coin Flip – detailed instructions

If you’re wondering how to play Crazy Coin Flip Live, our article is sure to help you. The first time you play Crazy Coin Flip, it seems to be a very complex game that doesn’t really pique your interest. But once you get to grips with the rules and the stages, you’ll love it. If you’re a fan of Evolution Gaming’s other live games, you can rest assured that Crazy Coin Flip Live is a very fun one.

How to play Crazy Coin Flip Live

How to play Crazy Coin Flip Live – Basic Steps

The aim of the game is to get to the final flip of the coin, accumulating as many multipliers as possible. But doing so is not easy, first the player needs to:

  1. Pass the selection stage by getting at least 3 scatters on the slot.
  2. Receive additional multipliers for individual colours in a small slot.
  3. Receive additional multipliers from the final round leader.
  4. Wait for the final coin flip. The flip side of the coin will indicate the colour from which the accumulated multipliers apply to your bet.

This game mechanics allows you to accumulate bigger multipliers and win more money even from small bets. 

Our Crazy Coin Flip Live team tried out the game themselves and prepared detailed instructions for each of the game’s steps. These instructions will be useful for new players who are encountering the game for the first time and want to fully understand it.

Crazy Coin Flip qualification stage


The first stage of Crazy Coin Live is a classic 3×5 slot game. The slot is located on the right side of the screen and contains a few controls:

  1. The slot screen on which the symbols appear.
  2. A field containing the amount of winnings after each spin.
  3. A field for activating other game modes. Initially, the classic mode is set.
  4. Buttons to select the size of the bet.
  5. Button to activate the Turbo mode. This mode speeds up the rotation of the reels, which saves time.
  6. Button to enable automatic spins. You can specify the desired number of automatic spins so as not to do it yourself.
  7. Spin button, which starts the rotation of the slot with the selected game mode and the bet set.

The first round contains the largest number of controls. The following rounds are easier to understand.

Crazy Coin Flip Live qualification

Slot symbols

This is the longest and most costly section of the game. The player will spin a 3×5 slot in which 8 different symbols can be found.

Please note that on some of the scatter symbols you may see different multipliers. All multipliers that appear on the scatters will add up and in the final round extra multipliers will increase your final multiplier.

So if you get 3 scatters and you total x5 multiplier on them then in the final round your multiplier accumulated (for example 100 and 50) will be increased by a factor of 5 (up to 500 and 250).

crazy coin flip all symbols

Slot Combinations

In order to advance to the next round the player needs to get 3 scatters. But do not be prematurely upset if they do not fall out. Combinations of symbols may also yield winnings equal to a fraction of your bet or much more.

The combinations in the slot are as follows:

Crazy Coin Flip Live Combinations

Each of the symbols has its own value and depending on which symbols are rolled out, you can get rewards:

Crazy Coin Flip Schemes

Game modes

There are several options for completing the qualifying stage and each has its own pros and cons. Especially for those who want to get to the next stage of the game as quickly as possible and are willing to risk an increased bet, there are 2 additional game modes in the game.

Let’s take a look at their features, advantages and disadvantages:

Type of gameProsCons
Classic gameLow stakesSlowly passing the qualifying stage
XXXtreme SpinsGuaranteed scatter
Speeding up the qualification round
Increasing the rate multiplier
Increased rates
Super XXXtreme SpinsGuaranteed 2 scatters
Getting through the qualification round quickly
High betting multipliers
High risk
High stakes

Our editorial team recommends that you start with the classic game mode, so that you understand the rules more quickly, avoiding high cash losses.

Multiplier stage


Once the player passes the qualification round, they get to the second game screen. Here there are far fewer controls and it is up to the player to choose whether or not they will try to increase their multiplier. You can just wait and then you will get to the final round without any extra costs or multipliers. 

The slot on the second screen is 3×3 and contains:

  1. A slot screen on which multipliers appear and the corresponding colour of the coin side.
  2. A timer to advance to the final round of Coin Flip.
  3. Buttons to select the size of the bet.
  4. Button to enable Turbo mode. This mode speeds up the rotation of the reels, which saves time.
  5. Button to enable automatic spins. You can specify the desired number of automatic spins so as not to do it yourself.
  6. Spin button, which starts the rotation of the slot with the selected game mode and the bet set.

Recall that the multiplier increase stage is optional and can be skipped. Use this information in your game strategy.

Crazy Coin Flip Live topup

Slot symbols

At this stage, if the player wants to spin a 3×3 slot, there are only 2 kinds of symbols – a red and a blue coin side. Each side has a number on it that represents the betting multiplier for the respective colour.

Crazy Coin Flip Live top-up

Slot combinations

The Top-Up round in Crazy Coin Flip Live contains just one combination which will increase the multiplier on a particular coin side.

If coins of the same colour appear horizontally in the centre row, all multipliers will be added to your final multiplier. Thus before the final stage of the game you can significantly increase your chances of winning a big prize. 

Crazy Coin Flip Live top-up

Game Modes

At this stage there is no choice of individual game modes. It depends entirely on the mode selected during the qualifying stage in Crazy Coin Flip.

A special feature of this slot is that spins at this stage also require money and bets. The higher the bet, the bigger the multipliers. Use this stage wisely and play responsibly.

Coin Flip Final Round

In the final round there are no controls and the only thing a player has to do is watch the show being played live by a real host.

The host welcomes all players to the final round and starts the bonus round. During this, random multipliers for the red and blue coins will be dropped onto the screen and added to yours.

A special mechanism then flips a coin and players receive their winnings equal to the stake multiplied by the final coin side multiplier.

Crazy Coin Flip Live final round
Crazy Coin Flip Live win 900x

Conclusion of the Coin Flip Live editorial team

At first glance this seemingly difficult game becomes comprehensible in 5-10 minutes. Even inexperienced gamers were quick to learn the rules. They also found that the clearer the game becomes, the more interesting it becomes.

What we personally liked most was the XXXtreme Spins mode with Turbo mode enabled. This way the qualification ends much faster and we get into the next stages of the game. 

While our editor was testing this game, he managed to win $100 from a deposit of $10. But after that he lost all the money while testing further. So be careful, play carefully and responsibly.


What does the number above the scatter mean?

The number above the scatter is the final multiplier, which will increase the size of all other accumulated multipliers in the game. It can make the final winnings much higher.

Is it difficult to pass the qualification round?

It all depends on your luck. In the classic version of the game it is indeed more difficult to qualify. That is why we enjoyed playing XXXtreme Spins.

Do I have to qualify for the Top-Up round?

No, you can skip this round if you wish. All you have to do is wait a while. A timer appears on the screen, indicating the time until the start of the Final Round.

Is it possible to play Crazy Coin Flip on mobile?

While the game has many stages and mechanics, it is fully adapted for mobile devices. So playing from a mobile phone won’t be uncomfortable.

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