Crazy Coin Flip Live by Evolution Gaming – complete overview

Crazy Coin Flip, the fresh creation of Evolution Gaming, may be new to the live game scene, but many fans of the studio will find it very familiar. The game originated with the popular Crazy Time show, and now it’s become a show in its own right and a full-fledged standalone game from the studio. Everything you may have seen before has been transformed and improved, making the game even more engaging and interesting.

Our Crazy Coin Flip Live team has prepared a detailed overview of the game. In it you will find all the useful information such as instructions, detailed game description, strategies and chances of winning and much more. We are constantly looking for and updating information on Crazy Coin Flip.

Let’s find out what’s so special about this game that it deserves its own project.

Crazy Coin Flip Live – what is it?

Crazy Coin Flip is a real-time game that was created by Evolution Gaming thanks to Crazy Time (released in June 2022). Fans of the studio’s past games have already partially encountered it in the form of an additional bonus element to the game. After a while, this bonus round became so popular that the developers decided to bring this game into its own full-fledged show.

Your bet can now be multiplied by up to x2,000 times. Our team delved into the world of Crazy Coin Flip and found out what makes this game so exciting.

Crazy Coin Flip Live

Feature Table

✅ ProviderEvolution Gaming
💲 RTP96.06%
💰 Max winningsx2000.00
⏱ Release Date2022-06-14
🚩 Stages of the gameQualification, Top-Up, Coin Flip
🏆 Special betting mechanicsXXXtreme Spins, Super XXXtreme Spins, Turbo Mode
📊 RTP of game typesXXXtreme Spins – 96.05%, Super XXXtreme Spins – 96.00%, Turbo Mode – 96.06%
🚩 Type of gameLive Casino

How to play Crazy Coin Flip live game – a quick guide

At first glance the mechanics of the game seemed confusing even to some of our analytics team members, but we quickly figured it out and easily understood all the rules of Crazy Coin Flip Live.

Crazy Coin Flip is a multipart game that requires you to go through several exciting rounds before you get to the final coin flip, which can also yield winnings. So, the whole process of the game can be divided into the following stages:

  • The selection stage to move on to the next round;
  • The stage of accumulating your multipliers before the final round;
  • The final win-win round with a coin flip and winnings.

Each of these stages is incredibly interesting and exciting, and the round ends with a long-awaited coin flip from the live presenter. Let’s take a closer look at each of the steps and get step-by-step instructions for playing Crazy Coin Flip Live:

🚩 Selecting your bet

The standard stage where you need to decide on the amount of your bet that suits your gambling strategy.

🚩 Choose a game type (out of three available)

In Crazy Coin Flip Live the player can find different modes. With these, the player can finish the first leg quicker and play further with much bigger multipliers. But, it is worth realising that they are not free. Modes:

  • Classic variant of the game (without buying bonuses);
  • XXXtreme Spins Enhancement (you’ll definitely get at least 1 scatter, and the multiplier bonuses get higher);
  • Super XXXtreme Spins Maximum Enhancement (you’re sure to get at least 2 scatters, and the wager multiplier bonuses will be huge).
Crazy Coin Flip Scatter

🚩 Qualification Stage

The first stage of Crazy Coin Flip Live greets you with a classic slot game on a 5×3 playing field. Depending on the combinations and symbols that appear on the screen, the player can win winnings already in the first stage. However, only players who have 3 scatters on the screen will have access to the second stage.

But do not get upset if you do not have the cherished three scatters. Already in this phase the player can win and increase their bet due to other symbols and paylines.

Crazy Coin Flip Live qualification complete

🚩 Stage of multipliers increase

This stage of Crazy Coin Flip Live allows the player to increase their total multiplier. To do this, he has the opportunity to increase his bet size and spin the reels on a 3×3 slot.

When a player gets three coins of the same colour in the middle row of the slot, they win. All of the multipliers on that coin flip are summed up and held until the final coin flip.

Crazy Coin Flip Live top-up

🚩 Final Crazy Coin Flip Flip Live

In the final round we are greeted live by an announcer who flips a coin with a special device.

The coin in the Crazy Coin Flip has one side blue, the other side red. Depending on which side the coin falls, you will get the final multiplier of your bet. In the final round it is impossible to lose!

That’s the multi-step process in Crazy Coin Flip Live from Evolution Gaming. At first glance, it might seem like a lot of fun to play.

Crazy Coin Flip Live final round

Payout Table and RTP of the game modes

Since the most active part of the game is the first stage of qualification, our team at Crazy Coin Flip Live has prepared a payout table and RTP for you. Analyzing this table will help you understand the game faster and show you which of the symbols are the most profitable.

💰 Payout Table

SymbolPicture in playNumber and payout
Scatter Crazy Coin Flip Live
3 scatters – promotion to the next round
Number 10Number 10 Crazy Coin Flip Live5 symbols – 1.5x
4 symbols – 0.5x
3 symbols – 0.2x
Letter J
Letter J Crazy Coin Flip Live5 symbols – 2.0x
4 symbols – 0.7x
3 symbols – 0.3x
Letter Q
Letter Q Crazy Coin Flip Live5 symbols – 2.5x
4 symbols – 1.0x
3 symbols – 0.4x
Letter K
Letter K Crazy Coin Flip Live5 symbols – 3.0x
4 symbols – 1.3x
3 symbols – 0.5x
Letter A
Letter A Crazy Coin Flip Live5 symbols – 3.5x
4 symbols – 1.5x
3 symbols – 0.6x
Symbol Cherries
Cherries Crazy Coin Flip Live5 symbols – 12.0x
4 symbols – 6.0x
3 symbols – 2.0x
Symbol Bell
Bell Crazy Coin Flip Live5 symbols – 20.0x
4 symbols – 10.0x
3 symbols – 5.0x

If we talk about the RTP of various game modes, they all range from 95.07% to 96.06%. Such a low RTP spread gives you an opportunity to try the game in all modes without too much fear. So experiment, try different strategies and win!

📊 RTP Table Crazy Coin Flip Live

Type of BetRTP
Regular Bet96.05%
XXXtreme Bet96.00%
Super XXXtreme Bet96.05%
Turbo mode bet96.06%

Top Crazy Coin Flip live strategies

Our content and analytics team at Crazy Coin Flip Live analyzed the most popular strategies and modes of play for you and then prepared our own and made a list of the best ones.

✅ Constant Spins Strategy

Description: Stick to regular spins throughout the gameplay. This strategy is to play consistently and not to risk too much on special spins.

Implementation: Simply play the game in Regular Spins mode. Enjoy the game and hope for lucky scatters.

✅ Scatter Hunter Strategy

Description: This strategy aims to land as many scatters as possible in order to quickly reach the coin flip phase.

Implementation: Increase your bet to play XXXtreme Spins or Super XXXtreme Spins modes, which guarantee at least one or two scatters per spin respectively.

✅ Balanced Approach Strategy

Description: A mixture of Regular Spins and XXXtreme Spins, aimed at balancing the budget and the chances of scatters.

Implementation: Start with Regular Spins, then switch to XXXtreme Spins after a certain number of spins or when your budget allows.

✅ High Rollers Strategy

Description: For players with large budgets who want to maximise their chances of reaching the fastest coin toss phase.

Implementation: Play mainly in Super XXXtreme Spins mode to guarantee at least two scatters per spin.

✅ Turbo Flip Strategy

Description: Speed up the gameplay to complete more rounds in a shorter time.

Implementation: Turn on Turbo mode. This speeds up the animation and allows you to complete rounds faster. Combine with any other strategy depending on your budget and risk preference.

Pros and Cons

Like any other game, Crazy Coin Flip has advantages and disadvantages, which our team identified when preparing our review.

Dynamic gameplayNo demo version of the slot
High multiplier potentialComplicated mechanics for beginners
Large winnings
Combination of live and RNG elements

Summary and conclusion

Based on all the information studied, our team can draw the following conclusions. Crazy Coin Flip Live by Evolution Gaming is a unique and exciting game that combines elements of live show and RNG-based gameplay. The multi-step gameplay takes the player through a dynamic path from initial betting placement, through the game type and qualification stage, to the multiplier increase stage, culminating in the final live coin flip.

Crazy Coin Flip Live win 80x

To increase the excitement and potential winnings, there are various game modes with multipliers available in Super XXXtreme Spins mode. However, it is important to note that there is a price to pay for these extra benefits.

The game welcomes players with varying budgets and risk appetite, offering several playing strategies, from the regular spins strategy for more conservative players to the high roller approach for those looking for maximum thrills and rewards.

With RTP ratios ranging from 95.07% to 96.06%, players can experiment with all game modes without undue worry.

Unfortunately, due to the live nature of the game, a demo version is not available. But with a minimum deposit and bets as low as $0.10, players can take the plunge.

While Crazy Coin Flip Live has its drawbacks, such as the complexity of the mechanics for beginners and the lack of a demo, its advantages – including dynamic gameplay, high multiplier potential, significant winnings and the combination of real and RNG elements – make it a worthy addition to the Evolution Gaming library.

Overall, Crazy Coin Flip Live is an exciting and potentially rewarding gaming experience that is well suited to players looking for a combination of strategy, luck and live interaction.


What is the minimum stake in Crazy Coin Flip Live?

The minimum stake in Crazy Coin Flip Live is as low as $0.10, making it accessible to players with different budget sizes.

Is there a demo version for Crazy Coin Flip Live?

No, due to the live nature of the game, a demo version is not available. However, players can watch the live broadcast of the final round without placing a deposit.

How is the RTP distributed among different game modes?

The RTP (Return to Player) rates for different game modes in Crazy Coin Flip Live range from 95.07% to 96.06%. This narrow RTP spread allows players to experiment with all game modes without excessive worry.

What are some of the playing strategies suggested for Crazy Coin Flip Live?

There are several strategies that can be used in Crazy Coin Flip Live, ranging from regular spins for conservative players, to high-roller and turbo-flip strategies for players seeking maximum excitement and speed. The best strategy would depend on the player’s budget, risk appetite, and preferred pace of play.

What are the main stages of the game?

The game progresses through several stages: stake selection, game type choice (Classic, XXXtreme Spins, or Super XXXtreme Spins), qualification stage, multiplier increase stage, and finally, the live-hosted final Coin Flip.

Is Crazy Coin Flip live game suitable for beginners?

While the game mechanics might initially seem complex to beginners, they become clearer after a few rounds. Also, players can always refer to the game’s instructions or our comprehensive guide for assistance.


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